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Hi All,kids snow sled

I created the kids snow sled website to help others find the perfect snow sled for their kids which was not only durable and functional but the price tag wouldn’t ┬ábreak the bank.

It seemed I was purchasing new sleds every winter, and to be honest I was getting pretty sick and tired of it. We tried the round flimsy saucer type but after 1 season or that rock that is always hidden in the snow it would crack, we tried the foam sleds which worked out for a few runs, but, never the less the handles would break, or if your kids are anything like mine it got used as a surfboard on the snow and it ended up in 2 pieces.

So, I started doing some research and EUREKA I found the perfect sled! It is durable, functional, safe, it comes in a variety of colors, my kids love the sturdy rope which they can use to steer down the hill. I love the rope because its super easy to haul them around or we load up the sled with some personal items ( water bottles, extra gloves, hats, mittens, socks) and it makes transporting a breeze. This sled holds up to 275 pounds and 2 kids easily fit in it.

So, if you are looking for, what I consider, the best kids snow sled out there, then check out my homepage.

==> The Best Kids Snow Sled I recommend